Featured Gardens, Coops, & Beehives


Midtown & Vollintine Evergreen Neighborhood

8 locations ~ approximately 8 miles

The Tour map and stop locations will not be available until two days prior to the event, to ensure the volunteer’s privacy, and will be emailed to all registered participants. A stop map will be available the day of the event at the start of the Group Tour. With 8 stops, approx. 8 miles of biking, and 4 hours for the event we will stop at each location for 20 minutes, 10 minutes for presentations and 10 minutes for Q&A.

If you choose to take a self guided tour it is a good idea to bring a map of Memphis, gps device, or cellphone with a mapping application.


For The Love of Chicken Poop 1. 

      “For The Love of Chicken Poop” Blog

This backyard includes six chickens,vegetable gardens, an herb garden, and fabulous fig trees. This urban oasis even has its own blog!











      *Information coming soon!











Bee Hive 3.

     We have had chickens for the past ten years, with a four-year space between flocks one and two, the country flock and the city flock- five ladies and one concrete rooster standing guard over them.  Our coop is constructed out of salvaged materials and is decked out Delta-shotgun shack style with vintage balusters, screen doors, and adorned with hand-made chicken-themed ceramic tiles. The coop and run are connected to a tree house in the biggest fig tree you’ve ever seen!

Our beehive, in its second season, is a cedar top-bar hive filled with Italian honeybees that keep all of the neighborhood gardens pollinated.  We also have several hand-made bottletrees, our tribute to our time living in Mississippi.


You can also find more information and beautiful local handmade pottery at the links below.





0-5 4. 

This family garden features seasonal crops such as tomatoes, beans, sweet potatoes, squash, herbs, berries, and a variety of greens. The focus of the garden is to promote a diverse culture plants that can withstand pests and infections to provided chemical free food for a family of four. In addition to a seasonal garden, the site contains a cherry tree, blue berry bushes, and a chicken coup with four Road Island Reds—Bianca, Viola, Hero, and Ophelia.











Angelus Street Community Garden

 The Angelus Street Garden is a fully accessible community garden dedicated to healthy food access, community building, building self reliance, and education about urban sustainable agriculture.




Peabody Elementary School Garden

Links to additional information on the Peabody Elementary School Garden.




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