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The Memphis Tour De Coop is a guided and self-guided bicycle tour of urban chicken coops, gardens, and beehives benefiting GrowMemphis. We will also include a Tour De Coop map with the stop locations for any person who registers and would like to walk or otherwise participate in the tour. We hope the 2013 event will showcase urban chickens, gardens, and beehives in new innovative ways to inspire the Yard to Table approach of creating healthy, fresh, and sustainable local food production back into our yards, homes, lives, and community.

Call for Urban Coops, Gardens, and Beehives

~June – August 2013~ Call for coops, gardens, beehives, urban farms and amazing examples of urban homesteading and organizers!  We are now starting to solicit for the Memphis Tour De Coop 2013.  Check out our Call For Coops below for more details on offering your coop/yard/farm or ideas for this years Memphis Tour De Coop! We are soliciting coops and the best and coolest of the Memphis urban gardens, beehives, and urban farms. Small, large, tiny, or complex. If you have a coop or something to inspire tomorrow’s coopsters or urban homesteaders, please send an email to the Memphis Tour De Coop organizers ( with the following information: ▪   Your Name ▪   Address (Street address, city and zip) ▪   Email Address: ▪   Phone Number: ▪   What do you have to show with the name of the Coop etc (Coop, bee hive, gardens, other animals, etc) Please include 1-3 photos of your coop or garden.   Contact Tour De Coop Organizer Directly Please call Carole at (901) 552-4298 if you wish you discuss the event or your coop/garden/farm ideas.

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